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This system seems to cause much confusion, stress, and misery. Hopefully, this will help elevate. It is commonly referred to as PassKey. Lets break it down even further:. Operation: Operation is fairly simple, but lets discuss what all makes up the PassKey system. The most obvious part is the key.

The ignition key as a little "chip" in it. This is a resistor. There are 15 possible resistances, therefore 15 different types of keys each with a. This reduces the likelihood of a potential thief from having the correct. Then you have to have a special lock cylinder to "read" the key. I will explain more later.

how to find vats resistance without key

Next is the VATS module. It does most of the security work. It is the "brains" of the system. The module is what actually "reads" the resistance, but has to do it via the contacts in the lock.

Think of the module as a Multimeter, and the wires and contacts. The module reads the resistance and determines if the resistance is the.

The module will go into several modes, depending on what the module sees. Normal: Normal is when the correct resistance is seen during cranking and the module will ground.

This basically "turns on" the.

How to get the VATS Pellet Number on your Key

If the Fuel Enable signal is lost or not sent, the injectors will never pulse. The signal is a. Once the relay is grounded, voltage is allowed. Tamper: This mode happens when the vehicle is cranked, and the resistance value as seen by the.

When this happens, the module shuts. Even if the correct resistance is then seen, the car will not start for the 4. The security light will also illuminate for the 4 minutes.

The Start Enable. Relay will not energize and the Fuel Enable signal will not be sent. HINT: if the key pellet is dirty. Fail Enable: This mode is to help keep the motorist with the right key from being stranded. It allows the. The security light will remain illuminated to let. Lets take a look at the basic setup. If your car doesn't want to crank and the security light comes on, here are a few things that may.Every time the driver tries to start the engine the vehicle ignition switch sends an electric pulse through the resistor that measures its value.

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The best and most professional way to make a copy is to measure the current working keys and match a new one with the same resistance value. Mount your key somehow or ask someone to help you and hold it for you. Now it is time to measure the resistor value of the resistor in the black chip that is embedded into the key blade.

You want to place your measure needles on the metal prong small metal lines that are placed in the middle of the black resistorone needle on each side. Make sure both sides are clean and that your measure needles touch only the prong, and not the black part or the blade.

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You can login using your social profile. GM embedded a resistor to each key on its blade, each resistor with a different random value numbered from My ohm meter reads 2. Our VATS key inventory.

how to find vats resistance without key

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Call a local company that installs auto alarms There are ways to bypass the ignition switch wires which lead down the column but you need to know which resistance value the original chip key had.

A dealer or locksmiths usually have a diagnostic unit to test which resistance pellet the car's system is set up for You'll need to find out the resistance valure of the original key and get a comparable resistor from Radio Shack to put in the wiring coming from the ignition cylinder. The VATS system read resistance across the pellet in the key, which the computer looks at to ensure it is the right value. I do not believe this value can be reprogrammed in the computer.

However, you can bypass it. Without the original key it will take more time as you will not have the original key to measure across the resistance, but the VATS system only had 15 possible resistance values. If you take off the dash panel under the steering column there will be two wires, normally two white wires in an orange plastic jacket.

If you cut these wires and insert the proper value resistor across them to the the computer side not the key switch side the VATS will be permanently bypassed. I am only really familiar with DEI products, but I am sure there are others that offer something similar. It includes all 15 possible resistor values for bypassing the VATS system in your car. I do not know, but my little brother recently bought a 91 camaro rs that somone had broken into and tried to steal.

He had to buy a whole new steering column. Hopefully when he gets all that fixed it will start!

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The car looks awesome, he just can't get it to start. You know it would be cheaper just to call your local automotive locksmith and have them come out and put the switch back in. Answer Save. A list of the resistance values for the various chip keys Laurie Lv 4.

Bob R Lv 6. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Signal the ECM.

how to find vats resistance without key

Close the starter circuit. VATS is not connected to the alarm system, so it is active even if the alarm system is defeated, or if the car is left unlocked. The two main components of the system are the ignition key with resistor pellet and the VATS decoder module. The pellet in the key is just a resistor, it will be one of 15 specific values. The ignition cylinder has contacts that connect between the two sides of the ignition key pellet. Wiring carries this resistance value to the VATS decoder module, where it is compared to the value stored in the module.

If they match, the car starts.

How to Read a VAT Key

If they do not match, the starter circuit and fuel injectors are disabled. A timer approximately 4 minutes is also activated if an improper resistance is read. Each time an attempt is made during this delay period, the timer will be reset.

So it is important to wait at least 4 minutes before another attempt is made. The main problem with the system in the first three years of production was the material that the contacts of both the ignition key and ignition cylinder were made of.

This material was prone to premature wear, causing poor contact, an incorrect resistance being seen by the decoder module and a no start condition. This caused embarrassment when your shiny Corvette wouldn't start and your significant other laughs uncontrollably and offers to drive you in her Civic. It also causes inconvenience and more embarrassment when you need to call the AAA for a tow.

how to find vats resistance without key

Band-aides were developed that would fool the decoder module. These Band-aides bypassed the key pellet and the ignition cylinder contacts. Another problem with the bypass modules is that you have to know what code value to buy. If you take a multimeter and measure the resistance between the metal contacts on either side of your key, you can buy a resistor of this value at any Radio Shack store.

You then need to remove the hush panel under the steering column. Disconnect C two-cavity connector at base of steering column with two black wires in the female end and one yellow and one brown wire in the male end.The last vehicle to use the technology was the Buick Century.

The black VATS pellet visible in the middle of the blade of the key is the part you need to measure. If you lose your last key in the future, you will save your hard-earned cash by having this number! The key code tells your locksmith us! More importantly knowing this info will save you LOTS of your time that you will never get back! You can also buy your key code and VATS value from your local dealer for a hefty price.

If you go this route, they sometimes supply the VATS pellet value in a 2 letter coding system. The chart below also includes these codes and what they mean. We can decode the cuts on your key and write down the code for you. Over all there are 15 different resistance values on the single sided VATS keys and 14 on the double-sided keys. Tags: general motorsvatsvats pellet numbervehicle anti-theft system. Name Required. Email Required. Rest the metal part of the VATS pellet on the negative probe as shown.

Using the positive probe make contact of the other side of the pellet as shown while maintaining contact with the negative probe on the other side. According to our chart this is a VATS 6! The machine tests the resistance of the key and tells us the number. This is how we read the double sided keys! We make Chip keys to the Can-Am Spyder! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

McGuire Lock is proudly powered by WordPress.I have lost the one and only ignition key for my Chevy Lumina. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

If your VATS is still in working condition, you have little choice but to bite the bullet on this one. The only other alternative is to try the dealer and see if they can look up which resistor value your car uses or even if you can get an original key made for your car based on the VIN.

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It has VATS. The key is chipped. That is why it is expensive. That, and without a chipped key the system recognizes, the system needs a special security scan tool to be able to determine the correct chip and allow the car to start.

The locksmith probably has one, as does the dealer.

How to find vats resistance without key?

Well that key has that vats system and if it does not have that then i wont kick the engin over and a is not bad for a key. I own a bug and the replacement keys for that are a key so the best bet is to spend that to get the key.

Go to any GM dealer with the title or registration in your name. My local dealer also requires a letter i type up with my address and signature for their file, and they copy my CDL. IF the ignition switch has not been changed, which is a possibility on a '97, the dealer can cut you a chipped key from the VIN. My favorite Buick-Cadillac dealer has done several for me for Chevies and Pontiacs as well. Theoneguy must be new here, trying to resurrect Lazarus or something.

BustedKnuckles July 6,am 4. EllyEllis July 6,am 5. Isn;t the key for a '97 just a plain key? If so, do as Keith has said.This is a similar device to the VATS system, in that there is a resistor present during the start cycle. See the GM V. S page for more information. There are two methods of doing so. The first, is to permanently bypass this system. This is the easiest method for accomplishing your task.

The second way, is to temporarily bypass the PASSLOCK, by introducing relays into the system, which retain all of the features of the system, while allowing your remotes start module to bypass it automatically during a remote start cycle.

There are actually 2 different Passlock-II systems. On the next page, there are tests to establish which type of passlock-II your car has. Relays shown are standard automotive 5 pin spdt relays, available from IEI. A multi meter is required to measure the resistance values. You can also use a Potentiometer POTwhich can be adjusted to the same value of the resistor in the ignition switch.

Passlock-I bypass procedure These are THIN wires. Measure more than once to assure you have the right value. To determine which system you have, follow these instructions; 1: Locate two wires, which are THIN and are in the main ignition harness. If the value stayed the same, follow "Method 2".

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